Jul 24, 2013

Round 15 - Weakness: Pants

It's the Evo2013 special! Welcome back to the classiest fighting game podcast on the internet! This episode is all about the greatest fighting game event in the world: Evolution 2013. It's like our birthday! This episode's topics include - why megaman and zelda don't mix, PR Balrog's rise through the ranks, how to innovate in your game of choice, and the most ass you'll ever get in a fighting game (our character of the week): Cammy (SSF4AE:2012)!


Jul 2, 2013

Round 14 - They Shootin’!

Round 14 ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to the classiest podcast on the internet! We're happy to have you with us, and again thank you so much for all the support. This week's topics include: UFGT9, why Chris G needs to chill out, Scorpion and a terrible trend, The classiest tournament in the world, and the horrors of our character of the week: Deathstroke (Injustice: Gods Among Us).


Jun 2, 2013

Round 13 - Swag Car

Welcome to the unlucky episode! If we were a casino floor we wouldn't exist! But we do... oh we do. Be excited. This week we discuss how to hold glasses together with dental floss, dick jokes, toxicity within the fighting game community, and one blonde kid's ride in his swaggy ice car. Our character of the week: Jin (BlazBlue) Onward and upward!


May 26, 2013

Round 12 - Never Trust a Red Head

The classiest of class is back with another new episode! This is our dozen episode. If we were donuts we would be a party in a box, but instead we're a party in your ears. This week we celebrate 25 years of arc systems games, tell you to get a job, teach you how to be pro, and go in depth with savage's fear of red heads. Our character of the week: Phoenix (UMvC3).


Apr 28, 2013

Round 11 - The Death Chair Saga

After a bit of a hiatus we've returned. Thank you all so much for your patience. Real life just got in the way as you will soon hear... BUT WE'RE BACK! YOU GUYS ARE BACK! LET'S BE BACK BUDDIES! No but seriously, can we be back buddies? Today's episode we talk about injustice, a fight over tanks, how to set goals, changing your long term mindset, and savage's eternal battle with a chair finally reaches its climax. Our character of the week: Peacock (Skull Girls). Let the saga begin!


Mar 22, 2013

Round 10 - Ryu with a Rack

Welcome to D-D-DOUBLE DIGITS ladies and gents. You've been with the classiest podcast on the internet all the way in to a full fledged decade. We've loved every second of it. For this very special episode we talk about killing boars, gatting people in alleyways, the biggest fighting games fund raiser ever, why you should never look a hooker in the eye, and how fighting games can improve your personal life. This week our Character of the Week is... Morrigan (UMvC3)


Feb 27, 2013

Round 9 - Do a Barrel Roll!

Welcome back to the classiest podcast on the net! Winter Brawl is over... but it will forever live on in our hearts. Until it dies. Don't forget to subscribe to us on itunes and rate us! This week: the saddest fighting game Pachbel has ever played, Savage learns to homing air dash, fat guy in a hoodie commentary is the new swag, and how to make a comeback from the depths of PANIC! Our character of the week - Nathan Drake (Playstation All-Stars)


Feb 14, 2013

Round 8 - The Guy that Does Your Laundry

After a brief hiatus Keep it Classy is BACK! Are you excited? Well not as excited as we are! No, seriously.... dry those tears. We're here for you. This week we talk about some therapy that Savage and Pachbel are going through, the Homer car of fighting game characters, and what happens when you give a samurai a tomahawk. Our character of the week this week is: Akuma (SSF4:AE)!


Feb 1, 2013

Round 7 - Pipe vs. Galactus

Guess who's back! It's our luckiest podcast yet: Round 7. This week we talk about a Blanka action figure, the angriest we've ever been, savage's obsession with blowing kisses, and our character of the week: Ash (KoF 13). Don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes! 5 Star us! Review us! Do it!


Jan 23, 2013

Round 6 - I Like to Skateboard (So Slippery)

Happy Wednesday beautiful listener! Hopefully this post finds you well and full of class. Full to the brim! This past weekend was SoCal Regionals 2013 and we've got a lot to discuss. So this podcast you're going to hear our rundown of SoCal Regionals 2013, a little bit about fighting game UI and how it can make or break the game before you even start, and last but not least our character of the week: Yun (3rd Strike). Get it on!


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