May 15, 2015

Round 25 - Hollywood Style

With the release of Mortal Kombat X comes the next big thing in fighting games! We're super excited to be playing it, and hopefully when you're through with this episode you will be on board as well. This episode we discuss savage's very dangerous desk, strong female characters, ninja hookers, and our character of the week: Cassie Cage! (You can never have too much cage).

Apr 13, 2015

Round 24 - Rage the Cage

We are springing into the new year with a whole new slew of episodes from the classiest podcast on the internet! Thanks for all your support thus far, we look forward to continuing to bring you guys the coolest, most informative podcast we can. This week we talk about the predator, middle management in hell, how a fighting game character withstands the tests and trials of time, and earthrealm's most badass playboy... Johnny Cage!

Aug 18, 2014

Round 23 - The Tale of Low Tier Manliness

It only comes once a year, but once it does... everyone best take heed. It's our Evo 2014 SPECIAL! You've waited long enough, and we're here to deliver full coverage of the worlds largest fighting game tournament in true Keep it Classy fashion. This episode's topics include dental floss, the mind of a serial killer, what defines the meta of a fighting game, and our character of the week: Solomon Grundy (Injustice)!

Jun 20, 2014

Round 22 - Spike n’ Shine

It's that time of year again, we're coming up on the superbowl of fighting games, the world championship if you will. Evo 2014 is just around the corner and we've got a few hype words to say about it. This episode we our topics include: crossfit, evo 2014 previews, how to lower the barrier of entry for fighting games, and how to be the worst co-pilot ever. Our character of the week this week is Falco! (SSBM). 

May 19, 2014

Round 21 - Who Uses Psycho Energy?!

PSYCHO CROOSHA! Now that we're 21, it's time to party! This episode we discuss dictators in onesies, dropkicks, the future of fighting games, co-op tournaments, and homeless people. Beware of our character of the week: M. Bison! (SSF4AE)

Mar 11, 2014

Round 20 - Lunch Money

This is a very special episode for all of us. First of all it's episode number 20 (for those of you keeping count). Second, it's our first special guest! This episode we have @thepulserifle on here talking to us about the 5 most overpowered fighting game characters of all time. Other topics include fedora-doo rag combo, firebrand, not picking for the matchup, the worst kind of hype, and our character of the week: Makoto (3rd Strike)!! Dick punch!

Feb 26, 2014


Hope you all have had a fantastic February with the classiest of all podcasts! Here's to an awesome March! This episode we talk about how frame data poisons the mind, planes, the beginning of a new death chair saga, how to mold fighting games into a professional league, and the better brother - our character of the week.... Vergil! (UMVC3). Don't fear the helm breaka!

Feb 1, 2014

Round 18 - Pocket Full of Kryptonite

We are super excited to bring our legal episode (technically episode 18)! The shackles are off, and here we come with some kickass topics for your listening pleasure. This episode we talk about Apex 2014, PR Fei Long, Wolverine dive kicks, Bustass, Ringles(?), Money, and why street fighter 4 has remained on top for so long. Our character of the week is the Man of Steel! Superman! (Injustice: God's Among Us).

Jan 26, 2014

Round 17 - Fire and WATAAWWWH!!!

Thank you all for joining us again for S2R2 of the wonderful podcast! This episode we talk about Killer Punching Bag Mode (XBOX One Exclusive), Fighting is Magic, Savage's night out with a Shazam, and one of our hottest topics yet.... how to balance a fighting game as a whole. Our character of the week is everyone's favorite junkyard martial artist: Martial Law (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)! What are you waiting for?

Jan 18, 2014

Round 16 - Can’t Punch Cancer

Welcome to Season 2 ladies and gents! We're back with a brand new intro, sexier voices (seriously), and new topics to dive right into! This episode we talk about collusion, namco banging street fighter better than capcom (and how capcom should be jealous), what makes a match/game interesting to watch, and a very, very old man. Our character of the week is the SSF4 Evo 2013 champ: Gen! Admit it. You missed us.

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